Lunch 10am – 230pm

Light Meals 



Pork (gf) – Beef (gf) – Vegetarian (gf, veo)

Sour cream, avocado, salsa & melted cheese


Thai Salad (gfo, veo)


carrot, capsicum, red cabbage, peanuts, crispy noodles, fried onions, cucumber & tomato

w/ lime chilli dressing

Add beef or chicken or tofu or salmon or prawns


Wraps / Sandwiches

add chips or sweet potato chips $3


Salad (gfo, v)


Mixed lettuce, avocado, carrot, capsicum, tomato, cucumber, cheese, aioli on tortilla wrap

Add chicken or tofu or salmon or prawns


B.L.A.T (gfo)


Bacon, lettuce, avocado & tomato

Add grilled chicken ?



Bowl of chips


w/ bbq – tomato – aioli

w/ gravy +$2 – mushroom sauce $3


Sweet Potato Chips


w/ bbq – tomato – aioli


Garlic Bread


add cheese?                                                     $9

add sweet chilli & cheese?                             $10



all burgers served on a milk bun w/ beer battered fries


Cheese & Bacon


Angus patty w/ bacon, American cheese & bbq sauce

Double the lot !!                                                $20


Southern Fried Chicken


Fried chicken breast w/ crunchy slaw, ranch sauce,

American cheese, pickles & grilled onion




Angus patty w/ mixed lettuce, tomato, beetroot, American cheese, egg, bacon & bbq sauce


Roasted Field Mushroom (v, gfo, veo)


w/ feta, tomato, spring onion, rocket, balsamic & aioli



Beer battered flat head


w/ chips, salad, lemon wedge & house tartare


Chicken Schnitzel


Panko crumbed breast w/ chips & salad

Parmi – nap sauce, ham & melted cheese           $23

add gravy $2 – mushroom sauce $3


Vegetarian Pasta (v)


w/ mushroom, tomato, capsicum, red onion, feta, spinach and creamy pesto

add chicken?


Chicken Nasi Goreng (gf, veo)


Chicken breast & Asian vegetables tossed in chilli,

garlic, sesame & soy w/ fried shallots & pickled ginger

add a fried egg  or grilled prawns?



(v) – vegetarian (gf) – gluten free (ve) – vegan

(gfo) – gluten free option (veo) – vegan option


10% surcharge on Sundays & Public Holidays



10% surcharge on Sundays & Public Holidays

Breakfast - Menu

All day Breakfast 6:00am - 2:30pm


Light Meals

Toast (gfo)


White, multigrain, sourdough, Turkish, Gluten Free


Raisin Toast



Banana Bread (gfo) w/ honey ricotta



Toasted Sandwich (gfo)


Ham & cheese - Ham, cheese & tomato

Chicken, cheese & avo



Butter & jam


Ham & cheese - Ham, cheese & tomato


Chicken, cheese & avo



Baked scone (1 or 2)


w/ jam & cream


Toasted Sandwich (gfo)


Ham & cheese - Ham, cheese & tomato

Chicken, cheese & avo


Slow Baked Granola (gfo, v)


w/ strawberries & greek yoghurt, Add banana?


Bacon & egg roll (gfo)


2 eggs & double bacon

Add cheese?


Smashed Avo (gfo, veo)


w/ cherry tomatoes, feta, balsamic glaze & house dukkah.

Add a poached egg?


Breaky Wrap


Scrambled egg, bacon, hash brown, spinach & relish

Add Avo?


Eggs on toast (gfo)


2 eggs on Turkish toast


Bacon & eggs (gfo)


2 eggs, double bacon on Turkish toast



Spanish (gfo)


Chorizo, capsicum, onion, feta, tomato & cheese


Hippo (gfo)   add ham $2


Mushroom, capsicum, onion, feta, tomato & cheese


House Specials

Eggs Benedict (gfo)


w/ double smoked ham or bacon (gfo)                $21

w/ asparagus & tomato (v)                                 $21

w/ smoked salmon (gfo)                                     $22


Hippo Breaky (gfo)


2 eggs, bacon, hash brown, chipolata, tomato,

sauteed mushrooms on turkish toast. Add steak?


Belgium Waffles


Berry compote w/ pistachio crumb & mascarpone


Southern fried chicken w/ bourbon & maple glaze


Banoffee – banana, caramel sauce & Cadbury flake

(add cream & ice cream)


French Toast (gfo)


Fresh banana & fresh strawberry w/ maple syrup


Banoffee – banana, caramel sauce & Cadbury flake


2 bacon rashers w/ maple syrup

(add cream & ice cream)


Breakfast Extras (available w/ a meal)      


$3 - relish – spinach – hollandaise – roast tomato

feta - hash browns (2) – sauteed mushrooms


$4 - chorizo - chipolatas(2) - bacon – avocado

smoked salmon

10% surcharges applies on Sunday’s and Public Holidays
no alterations to menu items during busy times

VEG= vegetarian
GFO= gluten free option (additional $1)
GF = gluten free

no hippos were harmed in the making of this menu

Beverages - Menu

Iced Drinks

coffee, latte, chocolate, white chocolate, chai, white chocolate mocha, caramel, mocha, strawberry

Soft Drinks

coke, diet coke, coke no sugar, sprite, lift peach ice tea, lemon ice tea, water $3.5 ginger beer, lemon lime & bitters, sparkling water 
$4.5 make it a spider for an extra $1.0
from $3.5

Freshly Squeezed Juices

(choose any 4, extra fruit $0.7 ) watermelon, orange, pineapple, apple, lemon, ginger, carrot, celery


apple, orange, apple & blackcurrant


ginger, mango, coconut & lime, mixed berry, tumeric


Strawberry, mixed berry, banana


cola, lime, orange and raspberry


 chocolate, strawberry, caramel, vanilla, banana, coffee, lime
make it a thickshake $7.5


ferrero roche, caramello, mint slice, malteser, bounty, choc berry ripe, vanilla espresso, weis bar, cookies & cream
make it a frappe for $6.5

Toby’s Estate Coffee

cappuccino, flat white, long black, cafe latte, piccolo latte, tumeric, matcha, chai milk or white chocolate mocha milk or white hot chocolate short black, doppio, ristretto, machiatto $3.5 babycino $1
S: $4 | M: $4.5 | L:$5.5

Coffee Extras

extra shot, decaf, almond milk, lactose free milk, bonsoy, oat, coconut milk

Flavour Shots

caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, coconut, peppermint, butterscotch

Loose Leaf Tea

english breakfast, earl grey, peppermint, chai, chamonile, green, lemongrass & ginger

Hippo Hot Chocolate

cookies & cream, ferrero roche, caramello, mint slice, malteser, bounty or choc berry ripe topped with whipped cream

Hippo Affogato

cookies & cream, ferrero roche, caramello, mint slice, malteser, bounty or choc berry ripe with a shot of espresso & ice cream
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